Phenomenology as Qualitative Research


Phenomenology as Qualitative Research: A Critical Analysis of Meaning Attribution was published by Routledge on 17th August 2016, though its official publication date is 2017.

I’m still developing this site – slowly – although there is some stuff on each of the menus, which I am adding to gradually, and links to published Articles and not-yet-published Drafts. I’m starting to add pre-print versions of some published papers, as I check out the self-archiving policies of various journals and publishers.

For more information about the book, see the Book menu (suprisingly enough) and Home. The News menu has links to reviews – critical ones, as well as those which are more complimentary (it also has reports on some of the events I’ve participated in). I’m currently working on my response to the critical reviews.

For links to reviews, see News.