John Paley Technically, I retired in 2014, after 13 years at the University of Stirling – but that was so I’d have more time for reading and writing. What I retired from was the teaching, supervising, marking, invigilating, interviewing,  report writing, module writing, committees, working parties, administration, politics, more committees… I’ve used the time to write: three replies to papers that responded critically to a couple of articles I wrote about the “compassion deficit” (following the Francis Report); a  chapter on spirituality in health care for a book on the philosophy of medicine; two chapters for edited books on evidence-based practice and social theory in nursing.

More significantly, I completed and published the phenomenology book, and have nearly finished a book on concept analysis in nursing, which will (hopefully) be published by Routledge next year.

I currently have a (slightly vague) affiliation to the University of Worcester. I get an email address and access to the library. They get bits of teaching, the odd seminar, and (obviously sage) advice.

The site is all a bit do-it-yourself, and my longer-term aim is to enhance the appearance, and carry out a number of other improvements. In the first instance, though, I’m attending to the content, trying to make that usable and interesting. Everything else will come gradually, as I try to fathom html and CSS.

I can be contacted at john.paley@btinternet.com and j.paley@worc.ac.uk