John Paley Technically, I retired in 2014, after 13 years at the University of Stirling – but that was so I’d have more time for reading and writing. What I retired from was the teaching, supervising, marking, invigilating, interviewing,  report writing, module writing, committees, working parties, administration, politics, more committees… I’ve used the time to write: three replies to papers that responded critically to a couple of articles I wrote about the “compassion deficit” (following the Francis Report); a  chapter on spirituality in health care for a book on the philosophy of medicine; two chapters for edited books on evidence-based practice and social theory in nursing; and, most important of all, I have finally completed the phenomenology book.

I’ll say a bit more of an autobiographical nature at some point, but it’s not as urgent as some of the other stuff I have to do on this site. Watch this space.

The site is all a bit do-it-yourself, and my medium-term aim is to enhance the appearance, and carry out various other improvements. In the first instance, though, I’m attending to the content, trying to make that usable and interesting. Everything else will come gradually, as I try to fathom html and CSS.

I can be contacted at john.paley@btinternet.com and j.paley@worc.ac.uk